Home Service Warranties help protect against major appliance and/or system breakdowns during the first year you own your home. This is something that is negotiated between the parties during the contract phase and in most instances, it will be paid for by the Seller, for the first year of coverage.  

Home warranties are a good way to indemnify Sellers after closing and provide security to a Buyer who may have stretched their budget near their limits get into a home.  A failure of any household system is never a welcome event and this coverage is ideal to give Buyers some "peace of mind" while they rebuild reserves and prepare a long-term plan and budget for ongoing maintenance. Whether you are Buying a home, Selling a home or just want peace of mind as a homeowner these plans offer a wide range of protection. 

I have listed the contact information for several Home Warranty Service Providers that are active in our market. Please use this list to familiarize yourself with the options available and guide your selection. Please reach out to any of the vendors directly if you have additional questions regarding their coverages and/or plans and premiums.  

Also, it should be noted that regardless of coverage options and who pays for the initial coverage plan, most companies offer extension policies to cover the homeowner for an additional annual fee and their plans can be extended as long as you own the home. 

Here is a list of contacts for several companies. Please visit them individually online or contact their representatives directly with the numbers provided for plan details, coverage, and requirements. Hopefully, this will make shopping and your decisions about choosing a coverage plan that is best for you a little easier. 



PLEASE NOTE: Warranty plans, pricing, items covered, availability, availability, and limitations of each plan are determined by the individual vendors as well as the premiums they charge.  All are subject to change or revision by vendors please verify all details when making your final selections.  Most vendors offer plans with options that vary from minimal coverage to full system coverages and additional items like septic systems, wells, pools, and spas. Be sure the items you want to be covered are included in the policy and/or the optional coverages you select.  

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