Great Photos Sell Homes!

The old adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" has never been truer than it is today in Real Estate sales. 


When it comes to the sale of a major asset like a home, there is really no excuse for having poor-quality photographic and/or video representation. We use high-quality photographic equipment in concert with sometimes contracted professional photographers to ensure we are getting the very best in composition, lighting, and photo resolution. The goal is to capture Buyer attention and highlight the most attractive features and benefits the home has to offer. 

The reason this is so important is that real estate marketing takes place almost exclusively online and Buyers often make selections of the homes they would like to consider exclusively by selecting properties of interest on a computer or mobile device. 

Through listing syndication, we make it possible for your property to be seen almost immediately hosted not only on our website but through our membership in the Austin Board of Realtors MLS (Multiple listing service) to all Brokerage firms connected to the IDX (internet data exchange). Within a few hours of your property going live, the world will be able to see your great photos. 


Many of the platforms in syndication through IDX allow as many as 40-50 photos to be displayed within a few minutes of uploading. 

However, there is no reason to rush too many photos of a home for publication especially if they are not good.  Too often the rush for publication speed only means there will be more BAD PHOTOS. Countless homes fall into the abyss of failure each month due to poor quality photographic representation. This is why I take personal responsibility for holding my team accountable for all the photography and edits prior to publication. 

In years gone by I would visit a home with my 35mm camera and shoot an entire roll of film to get just one good shot. With digital equipment today it is possible to have 100's of photos to choose from and have published in a matter of minutes. 

However, just as in the days past, bad photos can have a negative impact. Even though we have the capability to use many more photos or even video, the necessity of clean, attractive, high-resolution photography is just as important and maybe more so than it ever was. 


In an endless sea of media, it is easy to get lost if the product does not stand out. The presentation must grab the viewer's attention and command them to check out more about your property. More Buyers are fluent in technology and the use of computers to facilitate their home search than ever before. 

Increasingly, the platforms to access information about homes for sale have moved toward mobile devices so it is also important to be sure the composition is mobile friendly. 

Posting to a platform that is not compliant with this technology is one sure way to get your home overlooked so we take care to be certain all of our work meets these new higher standards. 

If images are slow to load and a site is unresponsive the prospect will "jump off" and go somewhere else. Our website is 100% mobile compliant and allows access to all the pictures and property details whether the viewer is at home or on the road, looking on a laptop, i-pad, tablet, computer, or any mobile phone.


However, as a matter of strategy, it is important to remember that there is little value in pictures of an overstuffed closet, cluttered shelving, empty rooms or spaces so small they become distorted by a wide-angle lens. To solve this dilemma, we often use insets of small yet detailed photos to form collages and tell more of the story sooner, capturing more attention from the Buyer within three or four “flicks of the finger” that they will get all day long scrolling through reams of boring singular shots.

Perspective, Lighting, and Composition are of utmost importance when photographing a home.  I have seen MANY a "professional" photographer and/or Real Estate Agent who does not understand this. Having a talent for photographing homes takes time and experience to develop and it is why I continue to do my own photography even after almost 3 decades in the business

Details are critical and it is essential to understand that the best photos come from homes that are properly stagged. If it shows up in person, chances are good it is going to show up in the photos as well. Stained and dirty walls and flooring, tired furniture, outdated fixtures, and cluttered homes do not photograph well and cause problems for showing too. "Stagging" before a shoot is, therefore, a necessity. 


Some homes may even need to be visited over multiple occasions or times of the day, just to have the "right light”. Even the best equipment can’t always take shadows off exterior shots or “sun wash” from overpowering the shot, so a photographic shoot may mean taking several hundred photos to find just the right combination of sun and shadow. Through lighting, composition, and perspective it is possible to use multiple shots and bring it all together with editing to produce a high-level pictorial for any property and get some “great shots” to use. For some rooms, it makes sense to take close-up shots showing the details within the room and work them into a collage later with the editing software.  This is a value-added strategy that can be used to communicate visually something useful about the space.


Our success with putting these things together has come from years of diligence and experience in which we have gained the perspective on what it takes to produce the best possible presentation for your home. 

The goal of Good Photography in Real Estate is Simple – Find and produce something that will capture the Buyer's attention and be a catalyst to Selling your home. The most beautiful photographic “exposure” ever taken is a waste of time if it does nothing for the VIEWER.

FACT:  Some homes just don't lend themselves well to being photographed.  This is especially true in smaller homes or with distressed properties, so the BEST DECISION may be to NOT TAKE A PICTURE of some things.

 If a room or space within a home is difficult to capture I have always said, STOP TRYING TO DO WHAT CANNOT BE DONE!   A better approach is to go outside the home and publish some of the other amenities and benefits that the property may have to offer. This may be landscaping and trees, outdoor living spaces, area parks, pools, and/or many other local facilities or benefits. 


Photos like the ones shown above, demonstrate the type, quality, and composition of photos we like to use. There is no substitute for real-world experience when it comes to curation and selection of photos and Eric has been personally involved in this portion of the business from the very beginning of his career.

While some practitioners may simply call out a photographer and take whatever results they obtain, Eric realizes that factors like home preparation, natural light available during the shoot, inclement weather, or other distractions (people, pets, workmen etc.) can have a tremendous negative effect on the overall quality of photographic representation. 

Therefore, it is my practice to personally scrutinize each and every photo for inclusion, edit, or deletion prior to publication and when necessary, adding supplemental aerial and/or interior photos to produce the most compelling representation of your home possible.

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