In the most basic sense, "Marketing" is simply the process of communicating the VALUE of a product or service to the customer to improve the chances of making a sale for that product or service.  

Consider some of the following companies: Coca-Cola, Apple, McDonald's, Sprint, At&T, Ford Motor Company, Geico Insurance and try to remember a day when you have not seen some type of marketing from one or more of them. In the same way, the RE/MAX Brand is an ever-present fixture in the world of Real Estate Sales and Marketing since the origin of the company in the 1970s. Because RE/MAX is one of the most recognizable brands in all of the industry prospects new to home buying are more likely to find comfort and familiarity in homes represented by RE/MAX than an unrecognized competitor. The benefits of this Brand Recognition become evident especially when you consider the dominant success of the RE/MAX franchise worldwide.  Nobody sells more than RE/MAX.  
Name recognition and "Brand Awareness" are important because familiarity translates to comfort, stability, trust, and most importantly value.  At RE/MAX we are relentless in our efforts on behalf of all our clients to make their experience a success and when more people recognize the company that represents you, the more likely you are to be successful. 
Of course, the agent you choose makes a difference too and as much as my program is designed to leverage the power of the RE/MAX brand, it is my personal ACTION plan that will get the results you are looking for. 
Nothing is more indicative of the difference the RE/MAX Connection makes for my clients than my own personal transaction history which is consistently 4-5 times greater than the production of the average agent in our area. (Based on statistical sales data collected by the Austin Board of Realtors) 

So, before we spend any more time bragging on our track record, let's get into how we get it done for you. Our system is designed to get you results.  
At our first client meeting, our objective is to understand your needs and design a specialized marketing plan to help you achieve your goals. Since price point is often a very important part of any Sellers plan, we start by conducting a comprehensive market analysis and applying what we have learned about your property and/or situation to tailor our marketing plan specific to your needs. It is very important to have the price right so that our marketing hits the target early in the listing when Buyer interest is usually at its peak.
In fact, getting it right to start is so critical we are extremely thorough with our research in this area. To find out more visit our page Pricing for MAX Returns. Then, once we are agreed on price and terms, it is time to get started.
The foundation of success for effective sales and marketing of a home begins with preparation. Before we go "live" with any listing, we recommend getting the home in top show-ready condition. Obviously, for some properties, this will take more effort than others. However, it makes sense to do what is necessary before we even start. 
Homes that need cleaning, paint, and/or repairs will not show well in person and it will be reflected in the marketing materials as well. However, instead of wasting time and delaying the start of the listing, we suggest starting things off with a "Coming Soon" program. While the needed preparations are taking place we take the opportunity to begin getting the word out.  This gives us a chance to tickle Buyer curiosity and ramp up demand even before the property is ready for its market debut. 
When considering the right repairs it may not make sense to spend money in some areas if the return on investment is unlikely or unwarranted. Prudence in this area is strongly advised and we have the expertise and experience to guide you.  
Putting your property in the best possible shape makes sense if you are interested in maximizing saleability and returns. To Photograph well it must be "show ready". Not only with this improve the quality and results of our marketing efforts it also minimizes the possibility of a sale being compromised by an inspector's recommendation for repairs.
When the make-ready is complete and the home is "Show Ready" it is time to photograph the home and generally speaking I will do this personally to make sure we get the best possible shots
The importance of photographic quality and display media is absolutely paramount to a good marketing campaign. So, whenever the home is ready to show, it is time to get the property photographed. This is not a task I delegate to anyone else and since I have the right equipment and experience I do it personally to make sure we get the best possible results. Very often depending on the property, the photography session will include still pictures, video, and for some properties even aerial drone photography and video.
I can not OVER STRESS the necessity of having High-Quality photographic representation for your property. (see Pictures of Success) The best marketing campaign always starts with great pictures so raw photos and video always go back to our studio for edits as we prepare the final steps in getting ready to launch and take your listing live. 
The next steps of our Action Plan involve wide range Distribution of your property offering and carrying out all the activities in our Action Plan. We work quickly on multiple platforms to get the broadcast going. Through syndication, our marketing reach begins immediately populating the Austin Board of Realtors (MLS), RE/MAX International, and the Internet Data Exchange (IDX). Within a few hours of our first posting, photos, property specifications, neighborhood information, showing instructions, map location, text de ions, and offer details will be available worldwide to consumers and Buyer Agents. 

Our work penetrates local markets to connect with prospects through all major internet portals including social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and we don't stop there!
We continue with Boosted posting, flyer boxes, area canvassing, and reverse prospecting to all our contacts. In addition, we push-market to all active Buyer prospects accumulated in our online incubation systems. By tracking website inquiries from Buyers who have visited us, we are able to match anyone who has made any inquiry in our system to properties that match their profile searches. 
All of our systems are designed with one goal in mind get the job done and maximize the Seller's results our system is proven to make it happen.  Want more details on how we can put it to work for your home or want to know more about our track record of success, give Eric a call today! 

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