Question: What is a "Termination Option" in a Real Estate Contract?  
Answer: Paragraph 23 of the One to Four Family Residential Contract contains the terms of the Buyer's Option to terminate the contract.  Depending on the Buyer's Selection ... See More  

Question: What are some of the advantages of getting "Pre-Approved" for a Purchase before I find a home? 
Answer: For any Buyer that is planning to purchase a home and will need to have financing from an outside source it is in the best interest of the Buyer to be prequalified ... See More

Question: Do I need to have Flood Insurance on my home? 
Answer: There are many factors that determine the need for having flood insurance coverage. If the property is owned outright coverage is not required ... See More

Question: What are my legal options if I find a major problem with a home after I move in? 
Answer:  It has been my experience in the past that Buyers are often very quick to jump to conclusions when they find something wrong with a home after they move in.  See More 

Question: Is buying a Foreclosure Property a Good Investment? 
Answer:  The Foreclosure market can certainly be a lucrative segment of the market place especially for the investor who is competent with estimating risk and having the resources for renovation. See More

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