Home Inspections 

RECOMMENDATION – Every home Buyer should begin the process to investigate the condition of a home by reviewing the Seller’s Property Disclosure and then getting the home checked out by a licensed professional home inspector.  

IMPORTANCE – The lure of saving a few hundred dollars may make it seem like the home inspection is a step that could be skipped, especially if it is a newer home, but overlooking conditional items that may have otherwise gone unnoticed can cost thousands of dollars.  

We have identified a short list of inspectors here that have proven in the past to be reliable and thorough with great reviews from our clients. You are welcome to contact any of them or go outside this list to any other inspectors you choose. 


Steve Jordan – Capital Building Inspection Services  

(512) 484-8998 



Jeffery Schmidt – Sunview Inspections 

(512) 501-3560 



Joey Obrien – Inspect It  

(512) 657-3460 



OPTIONS – Home inspectors offer a variety of different pricing options, included inspection items and discovery guarantees.  The typical home inspection covers all the basic elements of the home. Usually, this includes the roof, walls, doors, windows, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems.  There is much more that can be done depending on the property.  If it has a pool for example or possibly a water well.  Options exist for a diverse spectrum of homes and amenities and in some cases are a necessity of the lending institution.  A common example is inspections for wood destroying insects which may require a separate investigation. 

BENEFITS - A thorough investigation of the property condition during the option period not only serves to determine what you may need to budget for in the future, but also it may provide you with an opportunity to renegotiate your deal or possibly to terminate the contract altogether. If any discovery is made that was previously undisclosed, either known or otherwise, the Buyer will have a chance to address the concerns before closing the sale. 

DISCLAIMERS - Even though the recommendations for inspectors listed above have proven reliable in the past, they are not affiliated with RE/MAX Capital City, nor do we receive any referral fees or compensation for their services.  You should vet your choice of home inspector personally and consult with them to review their individual policies regarding services, included items for inspections, and guarantees if they miss something that should have been reported. There is no warranty for their services express or implied by RE/MAX Capital City, individual client experiences may vary.  

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