Use this handy Change of Address Checklist to keep things EASY and minimize your moving hassles.  A good place to Start is the United States Post Office site for Change of Address.

For anything or anyone else, here is my own Checklist for contacts to update or notify in Alphabetical Order: 


Alumni Group Registry
Cable TV
Catalog Services
Cell Phone Provider 
Church Bulletins
Clubs Organizations (Scouting, Sporting Leagues)
Cost Clubs (Costco, Sam's)

Country Club or Golf Memberships

County Tax Assessor's office for any Real Estate Owned
Credit Card Companies
Doctor(s) Dentists other Specialists
DMV - Vehicle Registrations
Driver's License
Electricity Provider (Schedule Shut-Off 1-2 days following closing)
Food Delivery Services (Like Freshly, Nutri-System, Hello Fresh)
Friends and Relatives
Gas Company
Government Agencies - Social Security Medicare/Medicaid
Home Owners Association (HOA)
House Cleaning Services
Identity Theft Services (Lifelock, Legal Shield, etc.)
Insurance - Home - Auto - Life - Supplemental
Internet/Sattelite -VOIP providers (Schedule Shut-Off 1-2 Days following Closing)
Internet Sites with Saved Shipping Addresses (Amazon Prime, Paypal, etc.)
IRS - (They have a Change of Address form On-Line)
Lawn/Garden Services
Loyalty Programs with Retailers or Restaurants
License to Carry Handgun (LTC)
Magazine/Newspaper/Print Subscriptions
Memberships and Clubs (AAA, AARP, Top Golf, Your Gym, NRA, etc.)
Pension Plan Providers (Private)
Pension Benefits
Pest Control Contractors
Pet Registry for Chipped Pets (see Veterinarian)
Pool/Spa Maintenance Services
Professional Memberships or Licensing Boards

Retail User Loyalty and Award Programs
Security Services and Monitoring
Septic Maintenance Services
Storage Facilities
Trash Removal/Recycling Service
Unemployment Insurance
Veteran Affairs
Warranty Companies
Water Delivery/Treatment Services
Water/Sewer (Schedule Shut-Off 1-2 Days After Closing)  


Did you think of something NOT covered on my list! Please let me know and I will be sure to upgrade with anything we may have missed. Contact me at:

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