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2018-03-19 15:52:07
Spring is here and so is Seller's Prime Time

The 'Summer Rush' is right around the corner and for the Seller that wants to beat the market, this is GO time. 

Home sales follow a cyclical curve with the majority of home sales in any given year taking place from late spring to early fall.  As the school year ends many home Buyers turn the family focus on finding a new home.  For most, this is the time that children and their parents are least encumbered by other activities and obligations related to school and therefore an ideal time to be moving a family. 

It is not uncommon for the supply of homes to follow this curve for many other reasons as well.  Early spring and summer are the best time to be getting a home show ready.  The grass is green, the trees are budding, and the weather is some of the most comfortable days all season. 

Fortunately for most Sellers, this is also 'prime time' for Buyers who want to be sure and get situated before the new school year begins. However, one caveat that Seller's often overlook is getting caught in the shuffle.  The Buyer demand usually peaks in late May or June but it can easily be negated by burgeoning inventory.  What is worse if the home is not ready and doesn't hit the market until late summer it could mean facing a much more competitive market. 

To prevent problems with timing it makes sense to have your agent perform a trend rate analysis and price accordingly.  Using sold comparables is helpful but if the sales are months old and supply of homes is not taken into account is can often lead to longer sales times.  As the number of days on the market increase, the chances of getting your offer price decreases. 

The best way to stay ahead of the market is to get ahead of the market right at the start. Listing early in the year means you will have fewer homes to compete with and be more likely to have your home in front of increasing demand as we move rapidly into the Summer Selling Season.  Should there be issues with fluxation in interest rates or inability to get an offer at your initial listing price there is time to adjust before the biggest wave of Buyer activity begins to fade. 

For more info about preparing your home for sale, see our multipart article on getting your home ready for market. 



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