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2018-02-24 11:17:57
Getting your home ready for Market (Part 1) The Exterior

 It's the first thing your prospective Buyer is going to see!

Walk outside and cross the street. Take a good, long look at your house, top to bottom. If it looks perfect well then you are done but, if you are like most, however, chances are there are a few things that could use a tune-up. 

Try to consider looking at the home in the eyes of your new Buyer. A good way to do this might be to get the objective opinion of one of your neighbors. What sticks out from their point of view?  The things you are looking at are commonly referred to as the 'curb appeal' of your home. Does it have the best possible appeal or is there something that could make it look much better? 

What do you see? Is the home enticing, well kept, and inviting or cluttered, faded, tired, dirty, and forbidding? The best way to go is to start at the top. Look at the roof shingles and gutters. Is everything in good shape? Roof shingles that are old worn cupped torn or missing indicate larger troubles inside. How about the gutters.  Are they cleaned out or stuffed with leaves and debris hanging out? If there are gutters be sure they are tightly affixed, clean, smooth and firmly connected to downspouts with proper splash blocks and/or diffusers. 

As you move down the structure are trees or shrubbery blocking the windows and scraping along the roof line and sides. What about the paint on the front of the home and condition of the siding. 

Since there are as many types of siding and trim as there are homes, it is important to value each on their own merits.  If the house is painted and frame only the paint should look clean and fresh, bricks should be clean and mortar joints tight and uniform.  Sometimes an exterior power washing is just the ticket.  

Windows should be clean and have a uniform look from the outside. Things like cobwebs, one shade up one down, different window dressings for each room and dirty glass hint to disarray inside the home.  Look for bird or wasp nests in the entry area, around the garage, shrubbery, or overhanging trees. 

The sidewalk and lead up to the front door are very important, especially since this will be one point that a guest will be sure to be lingering for a moment while they wait for their Realtor to gain access and show the home.  Pay special attention to this area.  look at the door the entry hardware, trim paint, window glass, lighting fixtures.  Everything here should be at it's best, clean, bright, and inviting

If you don't have a clean entry matt it is a small investment to get one. This will also make it easier to maintain the interior and prevent anything being tracked into your home during showings. Make sure all the door hardware is clean and fully operational. Check the doorbell or other devices like a door knocker.  Be sure the walk toward the door and the entryway itself is swept clean and free of toys, shoes, or other unnecessary clutter.  A nice sized flower pot with some bright or aromatic flowers can be a very attractive touch.  However, be sure to maintain this while you are showing the home, a pot full of dead or dying plants is worse than nothing at all.

Finally, don't forget the overall landscaping grass trees, gardens, etc. Dead trees, excessive leaves, overgrown landscaping and patchy or unkempt lawns don't photograph well or bode well for a new Buyer.  If your lawn is lacking in these areas it may be worthwhile to consider investing in sod replacement, mulching, and or landscaping. 

Since the first step is curb appeal, making sure it is right is the first step in getting a Buyer into your home so, it pays to get it right. 

This is the 1st part in a 4-part Series on Getting your home ready to Sell Next time The Interior

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