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2018-02-21 15:55:30

As a multi-decade inhabitant of this planet, I have never really acquired the taste for coffee.  “Sacrilege”, I can hear my wife shouting now.  Maybe it was my long love affair with the early morning can(s) of Mountain Dew, that kept the coffee beast away.  A bad habit, long since retired in favor of ice water with a squeeze of lime first thing in the morning.  


Recently, however, with the growth and coming of age of our teenage son, It seems I'm being recalled again and again to sample the flavors, promise, and warmth associated with the enticing brew. And with the coming of another new Starbucks location in Cedar Park how will I continue to escape the calling? From the first sip of coffee I ever had, I never understood how something that enchants so many people, that smells so incredibly good and fills so many with comfort and energy, could taste so horribly wrong! To my equally wonderous amazement, I recently found out that somehow my tastes have been changing!

Could it be that my taste buds have become dull and aged so much with time or have I finally succumbed and weakened to the aromatic calling of the comfort bean!  Gravitating slowly from an occasional hot chocolate I have found myself recently, relenting to the never-ending drumbeat of my wife and now expresso drinking techie son. “Try a mocha Dad”. Hence, I find myself sipping a small café mocha (heavy on the chocolate) while getting some exotic samplings from the fancy chocolate shavings and cinnamon dusting atop a mountainous portion of whipped cream all served up in a double wrapped, consumer-friendly 'green' sippy cup, with my name markered on the side (I guess 'green' means earth safe or recyclable or something) with a fancy stir. Wow, all this luxury and only the better part of $6.00, I grimace when I see the bill. 

Hmmm, “Oddly curious,” I think to myself, although very pricey, admittedly this amalgam is somewhat inviting, well maybe I could drink this I reason, maybe next time a with a little more chocolate and less coffee and a lot more sugar and cream.

So, rejoice coffee drinkers there is a BRAND NEW STARBUCKS coming to Cedar Park very soon. Maybe you will even see me there now, this is so convenient and what will I be drinking you may ask?  It's TRUE my tastes really have been changing ... I think I like Lemon in my water these days better than Lime ... I have one of those! 


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