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2018-10-15 13:38:54
My home is for Sale but, It's a SECRET!

It rarely fails to amaze me how focused some home Sellers are on the idea that saving commission on the sale is a guarantee to save them money.  It happens quite often these days a Broker offering a 'Limited Representation' agreement to an owner to put their property on the area MLS, But, is this enough to sell the home? Maybe, but, not if you want to maximize your proceeds.  

There are many examples of this that I have seen lately where the Seller is falling miles short on the exposure they could have had with a full-service broker and to make matters even worse, they may be compromising themselves greatly when it comes to the potential liability they face dealing directly with a Buyer. 

Recently, I drove by a 'For Sale By Owner' sign on a property that is in a very desirable area.  There was a little handmade sign so small near the street you could barely read the phone number.  As far as anyone could tell this was the extent of their marketing program. 

Since the property was in a rural area and there wasn't any kind of identifying information other than a phone number and no one answered after repeated attempts by me to call them. I did some research and looked to the tax records found and plat map and determined what I thought would be the address for this property.  Since I work in this area and recently listed some other properties nearby, I wanted to get an idea of what the offering was like. 

I could locate any additional info maybe this home would match the interest of one of my Buyer prospects. 

After completing my research it turns out the property is listed by a Broker under a limited representation agreement. What I found on MLS was the same contact info that was on the sign and instructions to contact them for any additional information or an email address to send offers to.  The standard details typically provided by a Professional Full-Service Brokerage firm, were not available.

In fact, on this particular listing, there was only one picture of the property taken from the roadway that did not even show the house.  There were no copies of supplemental documentation online, no survey, no Seller Disclosure forms, no On-Site Sewer Facility, no offer instruction, no showing details and no textual description of the offering. 

So - does this mean the information is not available?  Probably not.  A better question, however, may be will a Buyer searching the internet for a home bother to go any further than to skip the property. Studies and real-world experience has proven time and again that consumers want as much data, information, and pictures about a product that they are shopping for that they can get and when it isn't readily available in this information age they most likely just to move on. 

Nothing was more poignant for me than hearing a personal account on one of my recent listings where the Buyer actually said to me ... I would not have even considered this property if I had not seen the pictures you presented online!  

I have understood the importance of this for many years and I have always maintained a cutting-edge policy of photographing every property thoroughly with high-resolution equipment.  Today our services include exterior and interior shots and even overhead views from our personal drone quad-copter with 4K video capabilities. 

The first a most important step to success in marketing and promoting properties in our world today is getting a good graphical representation of the property posted online and accessible to anyone that is searching for a home like your offering.   


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My home is for Sale but, It's a SECRET!

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